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Hi Daniel,

I dont believe it was a case of X number of days, rather a lot of debug messages being spewed into the event log.

At once stage it even was upto 480MB (!).

The problem has been OK for now and I suspect when I format and reinstall windows it will probably not have the same errors like it did.

Anyway, thanks for the update!

It is a problem with VMC and not IceTV.

If your TV signal is weak VMC will drop channels - the community has been trying to work on a way to lock the channels but havent been successful yet.

I just lost 7 Adelaide and there was huge issues at home because all the favourite shows didnt record. When I heard things like "the old VCR was better than this" it really brings a tear to the eye after all the effort that goes into building a media center.

I decided to try PIMP out fully now - I found the VMC series recordings had to be reset after I "restored default settings". For those that are interested, scan for new services didnt pick up the lost channels but restoring default settings did. Go figure.

Once restoring default settings, series records are in the list but they no longer queue programs to record. They actually cause conflict if you setup a new series record.

So my thought: if VMC wants to screw up again (usually due to signal issues - especially recently due to rainstorms), at least I wont loose all my series now that they are inside PIMP/IceTV.

IceTV is starting to show me why I subscribe to the excellent development/service. Now if only they could syncronise series recordings between PIMP Website and the Vista Media Center.

No comments from developers?

I might write a script to delete the C:\Users\mediacenter\AppData\Roaming\IceTV\PIMP my MCE\history.log file every 24 hours until there is a fix.

thanks anyway.

Usually IceTV takes up about 20MB (which is still enough to be bloated). But its currently taking an insane amount of RAM (see attachment).

I assume restarting will fix it but to think it leaks like this explains a lot of my HD swapping issues.

- Update:

It even went upto 300MB after restarting the application and opening the event log.

Clearing event log fixed the memory problem and it is back down to 10MB and seems like it is running much better now.

Maybe an auto prune on the event log would be handy - sorry if i sound like i am telling anyone what to do! :)

Windows Vista Media Center / Custom padding for different programs?
« on: April 23, 2007, 09:30:52 PM »

I have a few questions about how PIMP works.

I noticed that the event log shows a long list of "padding updates":
Code: [Select]
Starting padding updates...
Checking Home And Away
Checking Family Guy
Done updating the paddings.

Are there custom on-the-fly padding's per show ala TiVo? Even if they were half accurate, it would save my wife so many headaches :)

Second question:
Could the PIMP client be optimised? It is a bit of a memory hog for what it does and also when updating the program seems to freeze the application GUI a bit.

I really like the two way series syncronisation. It is not practical to add series to the IceTV website but it is definitely fine to add it to VMC and let it sync back to IceTV. Hopefully IceTV series recording could catch onto this too!

I look forward to hearing about what the padding's are for!

IceTV EPG Content / Re: DST still out???
« on: November 02, 2006, 04:45:12 PM »
And I am sorry for posting a frustrated blob of text. My Partner was nagging me about the EPG still not being fixed - even though we have only been using it for a couple of weeks, it has become a part of our autonomous lives.

I might try reinstalling via setup.

IceTV EPG Content / DST still out???
« on: November 01, 2006, 09:37:34 PM »

My system clock is fine but DST is still wrong. I have updated automatically and manually, still out by 1 hour.

Programs are showing 1 hour late.

Restarted Media Center, am not sure what to do except for move back the time.

Can IceTV please fix this!?


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