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Beyonwiz / Re: Beyonwiz forum??
« on: May 16, 2016, 07:54:19 PM »

all is now good.

Finally was able to login in. Not sure what the prob was; perhaps operator error!

Have changed password.

Thanks for your PM.

I am using Hotmail/Outlook. Nothing in my junk folder from BW.

All is well.



Beyonwiz / Re: Beyonwiz forum??
« on: May 13, 2016, 01:15:58 PM »
Hello prl

Are you there?

In your post of 4 April, you mentioned that "The Beyonwiz admin has got back to say that your Beyonwiz forum account has now been activated. If it still doesn't work, I'll PM you what they have as your email address to confirm that that's correct."

I  still can't get into the Beyonwiz forum. Can you PM me as per your above comments.

Thanks muchly, BruceJG


Understood. A lot of flexiblity.

But, when choosing a particular TV show, and then clicking on "View upcoming episodes", repeat occurrences of that show might often be displayed. At times, they are on different days, and/or at different times.

Should I have several shows at the same time that I want to record on my T2 (usually at night between dinner and midnight), I might want to find out and record one of those shows at an odd time (wee small hours) and/or on a different day, so as to reduce congestion. Both my wife and I use our phones to record, and we don't realise we are causing congestion until we get those IceTV conflict emails.

So, if one of those shows is on different times and/or dates, it would be great to be able to simply click on/record that show at some other day/time in the 'View upcoming episodes / TV Showtime' area of IceTV, and thus exclude all the other offerings of that same show.

(I do understand and appreciate the filtering of HD/SD, one per day, etc.)

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks Dave

I had thought the FREQUENCY "One Per Day" was the option for me.

I have just tried it on Mega Breakdown's Italian Bridge, and it worked.

As always, thanks.


How do I stop IceTV recording multiples of the same tv show.

I thought the REPEAT option was the way to achieve this, but I think it only stops REPEAT, as distinct from FIRST RUNS, shows from recording.

I know the answer is  out there some where .......



Beyonwiz / Re: Beyonwiz forum??
« on: May 10, 2016, 08:23:58 PM »
Hello prl.

I'm back from hols.

I still can't login. The Bewonwiz login screen seems to be saying it will send an email to me re. login, but nothing arrives.

Can I take up your offer of 4 April please.



Beyonwiz / Re: Beyonwiz forum??
« on: April 02, 2016, 08:50:36 PM »
Thanks PEL

Perhaps there is, or was, a problem they don't know about. Then again, perhaps it's me! ;D

Forgot to mention: I will be touring SA & WA until end of April, and may not be able to reply to any post that a BW person might post.

Beyonwiz / Re: Beyonwiz forum??
« on: April 02, 2016, 09:33:58 AM »
'Your account has not been activated yet."

I entered my username Bruceg and email  address, and got the above message.

Does that mean that I have not 'registered' or does it mean that I haven't been 'activated' because I am yet to receive the (I think) the 'activation' email.

BTW: The BW data input windows are very faint and easy to miss.

Beyonwiz / Beyonwiz forum??
« on: April 01, 2016, 12:12:32 PM »

I attempted to join the Beyonwiz forum a couple of weeks ago, and never heard back. Did not receive an email reply.

I then emailed them advising that I had heard nothing, but again, no reply.

If anyone from Beyonwiz is reading this, could they follow up for me please.



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