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For those experiencing this EPG problem using IceTV with PLEX, a PLEX user on the PLEX Forum has a workable solution along the lines that MD was referring to above. Thanks MD, you got me looking in the right place.
Do the following to rollback your PLEX Server version the delete your DVR, upgrade to latest server version, then re-establish your Live TV/DVR setup in PLEX.

Plex is updating their Guide data source. It appears that only handles the old Guide and only works with a newly created instance of the tuner with the new guide. Ideally you would know this and delete the tuner from the Server Setting Live TV +_ DVR, then upgrade to 1291, and then redefine your tuner on 1291. There appears to be a short window after reboot when 1291 shows the old tuner in Settings and you can delete it, then recreate it. If you wait a few minutes, then 1291 can’t find a tuner and it can’t create a new new tuner and it spins. In Windows, reboot, watch for Plex Server to appear in the taskbar, click it, go to setting, and delete the tuner as fast as you can type/mouse. For slower people, Uninstall Plex Media Server, which leaves all the files still on disk, then in File Explorer go to your C:\Users(your username) directory, show hidden folders so you see AppData, navigate to AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Updates. find the folder, run the in the packages subdirectory. Now you are back on the previous release (and Live TV works), and you can do what we should have done in the first place and delete the Live TV Tuner from Settings, then upgrade to 1291, and then redefine your tuner and get the new Guild data.
In the Live TV Guild grid, you have old data if at the end it says “Powered by Gracenote” and you have new data if it says “Powered by Plex”.

Got all excited this morning, that Plex had issued a server update (Version today but alas, no solution to the problem - the continue button still spins for eternity.

I understand your frustration and Plex are working on it.  Remember you aren't paying IceTV anything for the first three months free trial.

Thanks MD. I understand that & appreciate the extended trial. Hopefully there will be a solution before that expires so I can see the true benefits.

Hi all, I have just joined this forum after searching for a fix to the problem outlined above. I am running Plex on a windows 10 desktop PC with the HD Homerun DVR. I am using the latest version Plex software & have also tried the "" version with identical results.

Plex struggles to identify the DVR & requires manual input of the ip address Even then it takes upwards of 5 minutes to log the channels.
I am connected to NBN through a Telstra Gen 2 Smart Modem & have had trouble with the modem allowing access to other ip periferals such as cameras. I can see the DVR on my network through the ip address in a browser.
At this point, I can't see the benefit of paying for access to the ICETV XMLTV Guide when I can't use it. :-[ :-\ Hopefully there will be a solution soon.

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