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Humax / Re: Firmware 1.06 for Humax HDR7500t to be released
« on: July 17, 2012, 07:17:56 PM »
I have updated to firmware 1.06 and I have done a factory reset and I have the power saving feature turned on, but now I have noticed that when I have turned the Humax off and it is in the power saving mode it would normally stops the hard drive from spinning which is what it used to do, as the Humax is in my bedroom and I hate the noise of the hard drive spinning all night,

Now with the new firmware I have noticed that it will start up spinning again after a few hours at random times like 2am  and will stay on for a long time and then stops again and there are no recordings scheduled , and it never did that before and when I do hear it spinning I have to turn it on and off again to stop the hard drive spinning.
I wonder if all the new firmware has done is take your Humax out of power saving mode late at night or very early in the morning so you don't notice, to fix the padding problem as they have said before to take it out off power saving mode to fix the padding problem.

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