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Hi Guys,
I'm trying to save power and not run the icebox2 all day everyday when in fact I only need it on for a short time each day while it does the update.

I have set the digital timer that controls the icebox2 only to come on at 8.55pm and turn of at 9.10pm.
I have set the icebox2 to update at 9pm.

It should work...but (isn't there always a but?), I find that quite often the guide goes haywire showing me the guide for the wrong time of the day (it looks like the guide actually corrupts??).
Doing a manual update from the icebox2's admin screen always fixes it up but can anyone explain why it might do this? Yes, I know I could run both the icebox2 and Toppy all day every day and that probably would fix the problem but it doesn't bring my power usage down.
The toppy is a TF5000PVRT MP for reference. No taps other than icetv loader are loaded on this box.

Any help most appreciated...

 - michigan_frog

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