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Humax / Re: Firmware 1.06 for Humax HDR7500t to be released
« on: July 17, 2012, 09:05:45 AM »
What difference do the power settings make and why would people leave the box on all the time? I use a Logitech Harmony remote to put the tv and Humax into standby at the end of the day, I always had power saving and automatic shutdown on and it never missed a recording or lost the epg.

Since the new firmware issues I have turned both to off but it doesn't seem to make any difference (unless the box failed to go into standby I guess it would be on all night).

Humax / Re: Firmware 1.06 for Humax HDR7500t to be released
« on: July 08, 2012, 09:33:54 AM »
Well I did the update on Thursday via TV Portal and seems to have had the following effect;

A) Doesn't seem to have solved the padding problem.
B) Is no longer putting recordings into folders.
C) No sign of SBS Demand service in TV Portal as promised.

Therefore not the best firmware upgrade and I wish I hadn't bothered.

I have done a factory reset and resent all  scheduled recordings, turned power off and back on. Any ideas?

Humax / Re: Networking the Humax 7500T
« on: July 03, 2012, 12:04:13 PM »
I have had a play aroound without much luck so far. I tried to boot up my old Homecast HT8000 PVR but it wouldn't display anything. This happened before when we moved house but I opened it up and sprayed some alcohol spray and cleaned all the boards with a new paint brush. It gave another 18 months service until I bought the Humax. I will try that again.

I copied some SD recordings onto a USB and plugged it into the new Samsung 59D6900. It could see the recordings but would not play them despite it saying on the Samsung website that they support MPEG2 TS files. I plugged it into my laptop and WMP played it staright away.

So it looks like I am down to 3 options (in order of expense);

1) Individually copy recordings to USB drive and plug into Mac mini or similar HTPC downstairs periodically. A bit of a pain to be honest.
2) Use a powered splitter to split the HDMI out from the Humax and send it downstairs via 8m HDMI cable. Not ideal if someone is watching the box upstairs and it would also require an IR extender as I don't fancy sitting through the adverts.
3) Buy another Humax 7500T and connect by FTP. In the UK there was a non PVR box available and the recordings come through unencrpted. Expensive and potentially risky if it doesn't work. Also the ICE TV lifetime can only be used on 1 box.

I am thinking either a combination of 1 and 2. I may find that in the next few years more and more content will be available on the internet.

Humax / Re: Networking the Humax 7500T
« on: July 02, 2012, 09:19:46 AM »
Thanks for the assistance but I am still not clear on what it can and can't do. Am I understanding the following correctly;

DLNA - This only streams photos music and videos to/from PC and other DLNA devices. It does not stream the recordings made on the Humax. Hence the reason my Samsung TV could see the recordings via Allshare but would not play the files.

FTP - A method of copying recordings over the network but the files are encrpted so need to be processed at the other end before they become useful.

USB transfer - If you copy recordings to a thumb drive or usb HDD then the standard def recordings are unencrypted but hi def are. If you then copy them back to the Humax HDD you can FTP them to the network and they are unencrypted. The guys in the UK have custom firmware on their machines to trick the files into thinking they have been through this process.

I didn't have time to have a play around with things this weekend but I will update my findings here when I do.

Humax / Re: humax 7500 missing end of shows
« on: July 02, 2012, 09:02:16 AM »
On mine I would estimate it fails to pad maybe 20% of the time?? It is very easy to go into the EPG and manually add to the recording but I have become so reliant on using the iphone to set recordings that I usually forget.

For some reason it nearly always fails to add to the end of my wife's programmes - now that is a feature worth talking about!

Humax / Networking the Humax 7500T
« on: June 28, 2012, 02:52:43 PM »
Firstly, what a great piece of kit. I bought this to replace man aging Homecast HT8000 PVR at Christmas (features similar but didn't support Ice TV). Now I want to take it a bit further which coincides with a necesary investment in new kit and the building of a media room directly below our current living area. I have been researching this for days and to be honest I have got a headache!

So I currently have;

Humax connected to Samsung 51" TV (not Smart TV) in living area.
3 yo Homecast HT8000 connected to Samsung 59" plasma (Smart TV - DLNA networked) in media room below.

There are 5 things I would like but I doubt there is a simple way of getting all of them;

1) To be able to view recordings from Humax downstairs and potentially Homecast upstairs.
2) View (and maybe also save downloads) of overseas internet based TV like BBC iPlayer. It would also be great to be able to view these downloads upstairs.
3) Be able to view all our photos on either TV.
4) To be able to play music through either stereo without turning the TV on ie. control from iPhone or iPad.
5) Transfer recordings to iPad when I go travelling - I think this is optimistic given Apple want you to buy/rent everything from iTunes. I have an old Archos unit I can use for this but requires playing things in real time to record onto Archos.

So here are the options;

1) We could do with a new PC or Mac Mini - I'm sure this could do most things but it is not the cheapest option and we won't use it for anything else as I have a work laptop.
2) Connect the Humax and Homecast by USB or ethernet - I will try this later but would be surprised if they talk to each other.
3) View Humax through Samsung Allshare. I tried this and it would see all the recordings but not play them - file type not supported. From what I have read the files only become decrypted when you copy to an external drive.
4) WD TV Live - Plex seem to have adopted this device.
5) Apple TV with either Plex or XBMC installed - the Humax guys in UK seem to have got this to work.
6) A DLNA compatible NAS which can connect to Humax via USB then transfer content by network to other DLNA devices.

 Has anyone else been down this road recently? The last thing I want to do is buy the kit thinking it will be compatible but soon realise it isn't.

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