Series not picked up by Channel

Started by anthonyc, October 12, 2005, 09:09:06 AM

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If I have a series - eg. Frasier, set-up to record, I noticed that once the guide data had been updated, any future scheduled episodes disappeared.  If I change the series settings to record on "ANY CHANNEL" then it picks them up.  If I change it back to "CHANNEL 9", it says there are no upcoming episodes even though there are.  Any ideas?  :-/


Actually I have this issue too... just never really bothered with it too much because I have the default for new recordings set to All Channels.

Wondering if this is an XML data issue that can be fixed easily?

Shuttle SB83G5M (P4 630 nVidia 6600) running Vista Premium with:
Hauppauge Nova-T 500 MCE Tuner|Ice TV Guide|PIMP|Buffalo LinkStation HD-H160LAN & HD-HG300LAN|Xbox 360 MCE


Any update on this issue?



I used to notice this occasionally with QuickGuide - but not all the time.

I haven't noticed it with iceTV lately, but have noticed it occasionally with iceTV as well.

I don't know whether its related to the guide data (perhaps spaces in program titles are significant, perhaps?) or just an occasional MCE bug - which shows up even when using an official guide.

If you google, you can find references to this problem that appear to be where MCE is being fed by an official guide as well.