Transfer files over Icebox 2 FROM Topfield TO Mac using IceBox 2?

Started by Rod_Hagen, January 27, 2008, 12:21:06 PM

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Is there any simple way to copy a program recorded on a Topfield masterpiece 5000 wirelessly to a Mac running Tiger or Leopard through an IceBox 2? 

Can this be done somehow simply using the web based browser?  Can it be done using an FTP client like Transmit or Fetch?

When I attempt access using Transmit I can "see" the relevant folders (headed Datafiles, Firmware,ICE,MP3,ProgramFiles) but I don't seem to be able to access the files within them.




j s

Any standard FTP client should work. On Windows you can even just use Windows Explorer  - the (sort of) equivalent of Finder. Most Browsers also support the ftp://ipaddress/DataFiles url style.

I know nothing about Transmit but the name seems to imply it's just for sending files - perhaps it's not intended to list files already there? Maybe you should be using Fetch. Or better still find a full FTP client for the Mac.