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7HD Sydney

Started by asummerf, November 03, 2007, 09:46:08 AM

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Last week you missed Heroes at 9:30pm Thursday night, and this week you are missing Bionic Woman at 8:30 Thursday night.  At this rate next week you will be missing Ghost Whisperer and then you will have the trifecta.



Mitch IceGuide

Our sources indicated that 'Heroes' was not HD last week. Our sources also indicate that 'Bionic Woman' is not being flagged as HD next week. And, as for 'Ghost Whisperer' it IS flagged as HD. Channel 7 have very little clue as to what they are actually doing right now with HD. That's a fact. This is all very new and all companies involved are 'feeling their way' here, so I ask for your patience.


I don't watch Ghost Whisperer anyway. It anoys me every time I see it at the start of my Bionic Woman episodes. I think the TV Stations should brodast an "end of transmision" signal after every show so that PVR's actually know when to start and stop recording, rather than rely on muliple interpretations of what the time is. This is especially important when recording shows consecutively.


After reading the above I can only laugh.

I don,t know your sources but please change them as there so wrong.
The more I read these forums the more I wonder what's GOING ON AT IceTv.

Oh and as I said in my other post re guide data I don't care what you do if don't like what I am saying.
Free speech will not be silenced.