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Started by kgl, February 13, 2024, 10:25:28 PM

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On my BW U4 I have two instances of channel 7 Bravo.

In the recordings and timer list it shows up under the old name openshop. The other channels is 7 Bravo Brisbane. I could delete the version which says openshop but any recordings I set via the icetv app occur on the openshop channel. If I delete that channel from the U4 I'm afraid any programs I set to record on 7Bravo would not record.
I've looked at the list of channels on the Icetv website where it's possible to remove/disable channels but the only options I see are all/none and I from memory 75. It's not clear to me if I can sort this out here or not
Any suggestions please.
Thanks in advance


Have you tried rescanning services? If not it may fix the problem.
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Thanks Ian
That has fixed the issue. Cheers G