Disaster averted: Major Crimes "Moral Hazard"

Started by IanL-S, November 10, 2023, 04:50:24 PM

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Last night I had scheduled the Moral Hazard episode of Major Crimes on 9Gem HD Melbourne. Last time it was on (some months back) for some reason it did not record, so I had missed it. Owing to the tennis ending 55 minutes early (this is guestimate, based on how much of the episode recorded), but fortunately on my V2 I has 1 hour pre padding (similar setting on my BYOB IceBox), so managed to get the full program. The start was missing on my U4 (only 20 minutes pre padding) and on my 2400 and 5300 (15 minutes pre padding).

So, this time I was very lucky.
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