so confusing - how do i add my T2 to icetv

Started by Funjunkie6, October 11, 2023, 01:05:00 PM

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hi all,

i have just subscribed to IcetV as i want to control my recordings from the IceTV app on my phone. So i tried to add my Beyonwiz T2 by logging into, then clicking on My Account, My Recorders, then Add.

I got a pop-up that said i do not need to create a device and i should just set up my PVR and an IceTV device will be created for me.


i dont know what this means. my Beyonwiz PVR is already working.

Simply, how do i get the IceTV app to talk to my Beyonwiz T2?



Hi Funjunkie6,

What you need to do is to go to the IceTV plug-in within the Beyonwiz plug-in menu (either via a named button on the remote or via "Menu" on the remote).  That plug-in will then create an IceTV account on our servers and your T2 will log in to us every 15 minutes, by default, to pick up and check its recordings, including any new ones set via the app.  The app "Help & About" explains how it all works.


thanks for your reply, MD.

i could not find the IceTV plugin within my T2. Can i download it and installed the plugin?


Our Help - Customer Support section has the Beyonwiz setup and plug-in download procedures, plus many other help articles:


Note it also asks to check your firmware as older versions can be unstable.


The IceTV plugin is installed automatically except if you are using firmware version created shortly after the demise of IceTV mark one (otherwise known as the Skippa meltdown). You can download the latest T2 firmware from:

Do not download from the first list, download from those under the heading:
Alternative locations, while the domain is off-line:

Hope this helps

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