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Started by ULTRA77, September 25, 2023, 07:43:17 PM

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Hello, I have a XMLTV Plex subscription and have found on some occasions that the channel guide is incorrect.

EG. Tonight on CH.9 there is supposed to be 'Russell Brand: In Plain Sight' 8:43PM - 10:15PM

However, my guide shows 'Missing persons investigation'

Looks like I'm pulling data from 9HD.

Yet when I check the channel matching list my CH9 is set to CH9.

2023-09-25 18_42_03-Plex.jpg


The actual TV guide shows a different show on CH9 after The Block.

2023-09-25 19_36_56-Melbourne TV Guide - TV Listings.jpg

Channel Matching Screenshot

2023-09-25 19_38_29-Plex.jpg



Hi there -

This late change to tonight's 9 line up has now been corrected on the guide.



IceTV Guide Team Leader


Hello, I have noticed there are many To Be Advised placeholders showing in the Live TV Guide.

Today on CH10 there seems to be 'To Be Advised' where a program should be.

I think it is supposed to be 'The Amazing Race Australia'

Also CH7 next Monday is supposed to be The Voice where your guide is showing To be Advised.

2023-10-06 14_25_23-Plex.jpg

2023-10-06 14_18_30-Plex and 2 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge.jpg 


Hi Ultra,

We updated the TBAs this morning but your Plex server is only logging into ours for EPG data at about 4am.  I'd suggest you adjust it to midday every day as that is roughly when my guide team finish updates.