EPG Inaccurate on Beyonwiz U4 and Android App

Started by wdman, August 28, 2023, 02:59:51 PM

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One week ago all ABC channels were not broadcasting for several days. I advised ABC.

Problem solved a few days ago and all channels broadcasting. However, no ABC channels on EPG shown on Beyonwiz, or website (accessed from computer and Android) or Android App. Channels other than ABC are OK. Advised IceTV.

Today programs on EPG are OK for all channels (including ABC) on website (computer).
A very few ABC programs have appeared in the EPG on the Android App.  Also only the same very few ABC programs have appeared on the Beyonwiz EPG.

So Beyonwiz is only updating same as EPG shown on Android App; and is not updating from programs shown on website.  Hope I am making this clear.

Help as to what I can do from here please.

Dale Weedman
Beyonwiz U4. Canberra Region from Mt Taylor.


I have a Beyonwiz T4 in the Canberra region, and I haven't noticed any issues with the IceTV EPG for the ABC recently, either on the PVR or in the iOS app.
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