Having problems reading the schedule on WAP

Started by Tax_Invoice, September 03, 2007, 02:00:35 PM

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Hi guys,
I have a Sony Ericsson W660i & a K800i and although I can log into ICETV, I can't read the schedule as each channel time seems to compress the programme title. Is there anything I can do so that i can read it? -This has only occurred since the change in URLs, and is annoying as I loved the feature and can no longer use it.

Russell at IceTV


I don't think anything's changed with the program since the URL changed.  I'm attaching a photo of what it looks like on a Samsung phone -- take a look and see if you can describe to me what you're seeing instead.  I'm wondering if it's some kind of font problem on your phones.

Also, does it look ok when you just go to the same URL in a browser?  http://www.remoterecord.com.au/



...just thought I'd mention that I'm using a Sony Ericsson k600i, which is an older version of your phones and it's all working ok here. Do other mobile sites work for you?


All cool now! It was trying to log into IceTv...

Thanks for your help guys!