The Weekly With Charlie Pickering - not being recorded - Why?

Started by BazzaG, February 08, 2023, 08:37:33 PM

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I'm 98% certain there was a timer set for: The Weekly With Charlie Pickering, tonight at 20:30, earlier this week, perhaps even as late as yesterday.

But at 8pm I noticed, thankfully in time, that there was no timer. Looking at IceTV:


After taking the above screenshot I selected the "Record this airing" option.

20 mins later we now have:

Recording Options
This show is waiting to be set by device Beyonwiz U4. This show is part of a series recording.

However, no timer has been set on my U4. I've even tried to resend all timers to my U4 with no affect.

OK, at 8:24 I now have a timer set.

My question is why? What caused the timer to be deleted or at least not being set for a 1st run TV episode that matched a series recording?


BTW, Neither Tom Gleeson and Kitty Flanagan have been in the show for sometime now.


Initially I suspected it may be due to automatic conflict resolution - "Enable Timer Conflict Avoidance" but that does not seem to be the case as there should be a blue arrow. With my Toppys I often get emails about timers not being set due to invalid EPG data - the timer is sent before relevant EPG data is available. Never had that happen with a Beyonwiz.

One (remote) possibility is that when configuring the timer you specified an channel other than ABC/ABC HD (for eample ABC TV Pulus/Kids) which will, I think, produce the result you are seeing.
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S9E1 of The Weekly recorded just fine for us (Beyonwiz T4, IceTV ACT region). S9E2 is set to record, but the timer for it hasn't been set yet.
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I ran into a similar problem with The Weekly and was never able to solve it. But on another episode, it worked surprisingly well!