Issue with scheduled programme time not consistent with actual programme time

Started by CJSMelb, January 16, 2023, 06:09:38 PM

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Hi there

I've had a look through the forum but cannot find an exact match for my issue, which is thankfully uncommon but slightly annoying.

I created a timer for a programme based on the IceTV EPG.  Subsequently the TV station allowed an earlier current affairs show (election coverage) to run significantly over time, and then chose to push the shows for the remainder of the night back by about 1.5 hrs.  What happened is that my timer kicked in at the original designated time and recorded the last of the current affairs show and a little bit of something else after that.  And what I wanted to record missed out. Is there a way to cater for something like this?  Admittedly a rare occurrence but I'd like to understand it and hopefully set up all timers to deal with this by default.  BTW I have a BWiz T4 and use the IceTV web site.



It is almost impossible for the IceTV team to deal with such a situation. As I understand it such a last minute change has to de done manually and EPG team are not on duty 24/7. You could just increase the default post padding yourself if you suspect this is the case. Some time ago I was using SmartEPG vu+ together with IceTV. IceTV did the scheduling but you could impose customised pre- and post padding. So you could try that. But you have to suspect that program will run unusually late.

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Quote from: IanL-S on January 16, 2023, 09:34:02 PMYou could just increase the default post padding yourself if you suspect this is the case.

Changing the default padding settings won't change the padding on existing timers. The padding will only be applied to existing timers if IceTV later updates them. That process can also interfere with changes you make to the padding on a specific existing timer.
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Thanks for the responses and I suspected as much.  I think if I suspect a possibility of such an occurrence I can create placeholder timers to cover later time slots.  Fortunately with 3 tuners on the BW it's not a big deal.



I have encountered this problem when changing the time zone on my device. When I changed it back, it was fixed. I hope you find this answer helpful!