Ditching the "program data needs to download" message

Started by Andrew Smith, August 05, 2022, 10:19:37 AM

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Andrew Smith

When you launch the app and you see this message, and have to click the 'okay' button, it really gets in the way of using the app like you wanted to.  It's a speed bump and also feels a bit clunky.

What I would suggest as a solution is that you bypass this and instead go straight in to the UI screen at launch.  If the data needs to be downloaded, a thin progress bar across the very top can indicate the progress of this, and most people would intuitively pick up that this indicates something that needs to happen. 

If you ordinarily need to prevent access to the TV guide or other sections until the data has arrived, those icons could be dimmed until their part of the data becomes available.

Given the speed of cellular data connections these days it should be a minimal wait, and further would become a more elegant app launch experience.

Aside from that, it's way cool to be able to use the app to trigger recordings.