iOS 15.6 app crashes.

Started by tldaley, July 26, 2022, 11:03:25 PM

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I've done a search and haven't seen this come up yet.

I've updated my iPadPRO and iPhone 12 Pro Max to iOS 15.6 and the IceTV app immediately crashes when started. I tried to remove from memory to try and start fresh but it's not there so is not even staying in the memory list once it crashes. This happens with every start of the app. Device force reboot makes no difference.



Hi tidaley,

Is this on both the iPadPro and the iPhone12Pro as we have not a single other report of the same problem? Have you tried actually deleting the app, restarting the iPhone/iPad (for the iPhone Press the Volume Up button and release it. Press the Volume Down button and release. Press and hold the Side button. Then wait wait for it to restart).  Then re-installing the app afresh?


Hi MD,

Ok, well it was with both devices and I had reset, turned off and back on both devices. It lasted all day.

I just tried this morning and now all is good. I've made no changes overnight except my router rebooted itself overnight. Is it possible it crashed (no problems with other apps) because it couldn't phone home for some reason?

Anyway it's working again.

Trevor Daley.