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Started by TimC, July 10, 2022, 10:11:43 PM

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I am getting a "This key not available" message.
It started happening a few weeks ago and I recall ever seeing it before.
It is a text overlay over the picture with a lot of basically characters that have little meaning.
I haven't been able to identify what triggers it as yet. I
It is cleared when I press the exit key, but sometimes pressing Exit closes a program I want to watch.
I haven't tried anything's other than an orderly shut down and restart, but I have a bunch of recordings I would prefer not to lose at the moment.
Any thoughts what the issue may be?
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Possibilities that come to mind include your settings have become corrupted (solution to reset to factory defaults, or whatever it is called on the Skippa) or the firmware has become corrupted (solution to reinstall the firmware).
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