'Bad IceLink message recieved from server'

Started by icey, July 08, 2007, 08:24:40 PM

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My IceTV guide was working, and it still pings account 'OK', but I recieve the message 'Bad IceLink message recieved from server' when the wiz tries to retrieve EPG.
I have been changing my wireless network settings to improve security and have gone over the settings numerous times over the past few days and all looks OK to my untrained eye but am wondering if I have inadvertantly caused the problem, but again, it pings account OK.
The wiz has always pinged OK when I select 'check', but I lost my guide completely several days ago and was recieving the message 'failed to retrieve EPG data' up until today when it has now been replaced with message 'Bad IceLink message recieved from server'.
Can anyone shed any light on the problem/message?
Any help will be much appreciated


I figured it out,,,,it was my fault
Because I've been unable to get my EPG for 3 or 4 days (lost it altogether, no guide info at all) and kept getting an 'unable to retrieve EPG data' or similar message, I did the following:
I deleted the icetv cache from the wiz and this must have removed the password for account which lead to the 'Bad IceLink' message
So all I needed to do was input my password (I did my user ID as well) and walla,,,I got the EPG.
The only thing is that doing this fixed the previous problem, so, maybe that is a tip if you cannot get the EPG,,,if you delete the cache and re-enter you password and ID it may fix it.
bye for now



Well I've just had the same problem on the Wiz - according to the IceTV setup it doesn't recognise me or my password apparently. The guide just stopped working today - cleared the cache as I do on a regular basis because its the only way I can get reliable data and has always worked up till today. Did what was suggested by the previous post - retyped my user name and password still no joy. My free sub is supposed to run out in December seems it has already - I'm beginning to think IceTV hate me for all the trouble I have with this service. When I've left  phone messages only once have I had a response. As a pioneer user of Topfield and Beyonwiz I really think IceTV has let the hold thing down but I admit Beyonwiz still has a few bugs to iron out with the present beta firmware.

Daniel Hall at IceTV

There was recently a black list put in place for old Media Center clients that have not updated, and it appears that by mistake some Beyonwiz and EyeTV users got caught up in this.

Please email your username to me at support@icetv.com.au and I can check to see if this is the case and fix if necessary.



Its been a while since my original post and notice it’s been viewed quite a bit, so thought I would add the following which may be of assistance to new wiz owners.

There’ve been a couple of firmware updates but these haven’t fixed the Guide problem IE: slowly petering out from 7 days to 6 to 5 to eventually nothing.

To fix this I ‘Clear IceGuide Disk Cache’
I do this a couple of times a week or when I notice the Guide has only a few days in advance showing, this will refresh the Guide back to the full 7 days.

If you’re new to the wiz it’s in;
‘Clear IceGuide Disk Cache’

Hopefully a new firmware will be released soon to fix this problem. :)