Unable to set a recording from the iOS app

Started by raj1954, May 25, 2022, 03:54:31 PM

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I have an iPhone 13 and running iOS 15.5.

SBS have been fiddling with things. They had the English edition of the Indian news on Channel 35 at 8 am daily, and then suddenly moved it to the HD channel, same time but different title. That basically threw out all recordings set for it.

So I went to set the recording via the app, only apart from showing upcoming episodes and settng it as a favourite, there are no other options to set it as a recording, single or series.

Now, I can set the recording from my T2, and the entries show up in the app, however you cannot change anything via the app because again, all that comes up s the option to see upcoming episodes and set it as a favourite.

Is this something that SBS is doing or IceTV?

Daniel Hall at IceTV

Hi raj1954,

It looks like that 'Doordarshan India Prime Time News' was not flagged as a series in our system correctly, we have fixed this up, you may need to select "Reset Application" under the settings in the IceTV app to ensure it gets the updated information, but you will then be able to set this programme as a series recording.