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Started by Daniel Hall at IceTV, July 28, 2005, 06:58:16 PM

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Daniel Hall at IceTV

Tonight we have updated iceguide4mce with updated support for series and movies.

Fix list:

- Fixed problem of red dot on program names (indicating a recording is scheduled or in progress) disappearing after guide updates.

- Fixed problem of some showings of a program not being scheduled for recording when selecting "Record Series".

- Added "repeat" information.  If a program is a repeat, MCE shows the word "Repeat" on the program details page between the episode name (if there is one) and the full description.  Note that when a program is a repeat, the details page also displays the "Original air date" as "1/01/1900", regardless of when it was actually first broadcast.  This is a limitation of the guide data that may be fixed at a future date.

- Changed movies to be displayed correctly on the program details page.  Movies are displayed with the text "MOVIE INFO" while all other programs are displayed with "PROGRAM INFO".  Movies are also now displayed on the program details page with only the "Record" button, and not the "Record Series" button.  An easy way to view all upcoming movies is to go to My TV / Search, and select the General / Movie category.

Note that when viewing a program's details page, MCE always displays both the "Record" and "Record Series" buttons for all programs whether they're episodic or not, except for movies, which are displayed with only the "Record" button.  By showing both buttons for normal programs, it allows the user to record all showings of the program, even if it's not episodic (for example, news programs).  This is the normal MCE behaviour.

The guide data will be updated for everyone automatically on the next guide update, or you can force a manual update by going to Settings / TV / Guide / Get Latest Guide Listings.