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Started by gsmith2409, September 25, 2021, 08:16:08 AM

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I know my humax is getting long in the tooth, but noticed that it stopped receiving tv guide for a few channels, this was while had bad network connection. I've since corrected network issue and even gave hard software reset. It's still not receiving any tv guide at all.

Username: gsmith2409
Humax HDR-7500T


Hi Greg,

Looking at our log of your Humax connections to our server; it is hitting us every minute or so which happens when it can't obtain a proper connection to download EPG data, updates and recording commands. Its default connection times are every 15-30 minutes. That suggests a problem connecting to IceTV which could be caused by a faulty wifi dongle or LAN issues if you use ethernet within your home network.  Worst case it may be the actual PVR but I'd check the aforementioned first.

Just to cross check your comment about a "hard software reset", was it a factory reset as described in our customer support section? here's a link to it:


Yes it was a factory reset. I'll double check network connection again.
Humax HDR-7500T