Issues with Humax 7510T rebooting

Started by raj, July 20, 2021, 10:13:26 AM

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My brother has a Humax 7510T (hope that's the right one) with two tuners and lately it has started locking up and/or rebooting.

He gets a message asking him to check his IceTV accounts settings only when he does that the unit reboots.

This can happen at any time.

Sounds like the issue that affected the Beyonwiz units a while back where this would happen like clockwork every 20 minutes or so.

It that case, the issue was revealed by looking at the log file, however I do not know the setup with the Humax and where the log file is or where the log file is located or if there is a log file at all.

As with the Beyonwiz issue, the spinner comes up and if sufficient time lapses the unit reboots. With the spinner up, the remote control is completely unresponsive. He has a Harmony remote and has tried it with both the original and the Harmony.

Any ideas as to what this might be?



Hi Raj,

The Humax 7500s don't suffer from the problem the "old" Beyonwiz did as they have sufficient memory for all the new TV channels.  Also they don't have any log files that we can access (which has always been a useful Beyonwiz feature, then and now). My only suggestion is to try a factory reset as described in our Help - Customer Support section but here's the link:

if that doesn't solve it, and I'm sceptical, it may have failing hard drive or some other hardware issue, and if it's 6+ years old that's about when we start to see them fail.