Humax keeps asking me to enter my account details

Started by mingus, September 09, 2021, 09:34:11 PM

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In the last day or so my Humax has suddenly started to pop up a dialogue asking me to enter my details every time I try to view the guide:

"To enjoy IceTV, you need to enter the account information. Do you want to proceed?"

When I try to do that I receive the following message:

"Cannot confirm the account because of the current network condition from the IceTV server. Please try later"

Any ideas?



I had this issue with another customer yesterday and it coincided with him installing some Netgear anti-virus software either on his modem or an anti-virus "box" between his modem and router (he wasn't technical but that was the rough description he gave me as to what his technician had done). Have you done anything similar?

Alternatively, our servers are online and there hasn't been any issues with them. Usually when a Humax shows that message it is because it is unable to access to the Internet reliably. Sometimes this goes unnoticed because any computers and other devices you have are connecting to the Internet okay.

If your Humax is using an Ethernet cable it is obviously not a WiFi issue (unless the Humax is connected via Ethernet cable directly or indirectly to a wireless bridge or access point etc).

The Humax PVRs like to blame IceTV when the Humax PVR believes that it has a network connection but it cannot access the Internet - or is unable to receive what it is trying to download fast enough.

This can be caused by network setting issues:

Like manually assigning an IP address to the Humax that is now being used by another device on the network
Or manually assigning an unreliable DNS server address to the Humax.
Setting 'Configure IP' to DHCP will avoid these issues.
Or the Humax assigning itself an unsuitable address starting with 169.254 because it can't get an address from your router/modem.
Or a router that is only set to use a small range of IP addresses. Then as other devices get or change their IP address an address conflict can occur.
Setting the router to use a larger DHCP address pool or range will prevent this one from happening.
In all of these cases the Humax knows it is connected to a network even though it cannot access the Internet, so you don't see a normal network connection error message.

It can also be caused by hardware:

Like intermittently faulty network cable(s) or loose connections.
Or Ethernet Over Power (aka EoP and HomePlug) devices that are not linked to each other.
Or as simple as a network switch or router (or Humax) that needs rebooting.
In these cases the Humax knows it is connected to something via the Ethernet cable so you don't see a normal network connection error message.

If all these fail try a factory reset as follows for our Help > Customer Support section:


Thanks for the reply.

No, nothing AV related. I do have multiple functioning computers on the network currently working fine connected to external servers.
Humax is connected via ethernet. DNS is ok.

The Humax is set to use DHCP but just now I tried to switch to manual and then back to DHCP and I am getting a network connection fail message!!
I checked the IP address assigned and it is indeed invalid .... a 169.254 address

Can't do it right now but will try a router reboot later and see how I go.
Maybe need to do a factory reset failing that?



Finally got a chance to reboot the router and the problem has been resolved.
The Humax now has a good IP address.

Thanks for you help.