Adelaide Channel 44 not showing EPG content on and from Sunday 22 Aug

Started by chopper, August 20, 2021, 10:11:00 AM

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Adelaide Channel 44 is not showing EPG content on and from Sunday 22 Aug.



Hi Chopper,

Channel 44 Adelaide are notorious for not releasing their EPG data to us in a timely fashion and the time between their release and our system getting it up-to-date can be 24 hours.  I have checked and it will appear today.  Please understand that any recordings you have set will always happen long as the EPG  for any recorded show is present after the final recorder EPG up date before the show airs.

So there is no need to keep reminding us as we can only respond with updating their EPG after they release the data and, although they let it slip down to three days or so, it will have no negative effects on your recordings.  If you need a timely daily EPG updates from them do you can scan their upcoming shows for any new content seven days in advance I can only advise that you complain to channel 44.



I'll only panic if there's nothing in the Adelaide Channel 44 EPG with 1 day to go then, since going by history that seems less likely to be a delay in data supply and more likely to be a glitch of some kind which may need attention ;)