Dodgy Descriptions

Started by BJReplay, February 05, 2005, 10:43:36 PM

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It looks like there's a little too much URL Encoding happening on some descriptions - at a guess only those with accented characters, such as:

 <programme start="20050205213000 +1100" stop="20050205225500 +1100" channel="1">
   <title lang="en">MOVIE: Unknown Friend</title>
   <sub-title lang="en"></sub-title>
   <desc lang="en">This tale set in Berlin tells the story of Ellen who has just been released from prison where she has spent five years for murder. Her victim was the husband of her girlfriend, Katrin, a bisexual flirt. Ellen sets out to find Katrin and to win her back.
Karoline Eichhorn, Inga Busch, Birol &amp;#195;&amp;#156;nel</desc>
   <category lang="en">Drama</category>
   <category lang="en">Movie</category>
   <episode-num system="dd_progid">11414</episode-num>
   <rating system="">


Russell at IceTV

Oops, looks like it got encoded, and then just to be safe, it was encoded a second time ;-)

Thanks for pointing it out, we'll get it fixed.