Masterchef missing since regional changes

Started by acem8, July 05, 2021, 11:10:27 AM

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Hi there, all seems ok with the regional TV changes except Masterchef (first runs) has disappeared from the TV guide altogether. Instead we have Australian Ninja Warrior on both 9HD Regional (channel 80) and 10HD Regional (channel 50) so it is not recording. I am in the QLD - Sunshine Coast region.

I also noticed in the TV Guide on the website the 'view by network' drop down box is wrong. There is a WIN and Nine Network option but the Nine Network should now be SC10 if I have understood correctly?

*Edit* It looks like most of the content for 10HD Regional (on channel 50) has not moved over. There are a few exceptions such as news programmes but the guide looks very similar to 9HD Regional (on channel 80). Also how will the channel labels update on the PVR? I have 2 of the Humax HDR-7500T boxes.


I'm seeing the same thing with the Time / Channel dropdown in the Web TV Guide page for the ACT.

It lists the networks Nine Network and Win Network. When I select "Nine Network" I see the Ten channels now carried by SCA, and when I select WIN Network I see (correctly) the Nine channels carried by WIN.
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