Muliple episodes of an ABC show failed to be recorded

Started by BazzaG, July 02, 2021, 09:57:52 AM

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I think this might be the appropriate forum.

Australia Debates

New three part series premiering 28/6/21. Australia Talks, is an exhaustive national survey, asking 60,000 Australians 600 questions. Now the funniest minds in Australia will debate the findings of three of those issues,
and come to their own conclusions.
Series, Australia, English, Comedy, Talk Show

This show consists of 3 episodes and I believe all 3 episodes were broadcast this week. Given how bad the "Australia Talks" show was I decided I didn't care about "Australia Debates" so I didn't notice that "Australia Debates" was missing as such from my timer list on my U4.

Today though, I checked the "New Shows" list on the IceTV website and noticed that I did actually setup a recording for "Australia Debates", however, *NOT* one of the episodes that were broadcast this week ended being recorded.

Why not?