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Started by BazzaG, May 12, 2021, 10:44:29 AM

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GaiO IceTV

Thanks for your note. Repeat flags have been added.
Cheers Gai



BTW, I did *NOT* get a notification that this thread was updated despite "watching" this thread.


Nice to have a "Thankyou" but why did you put the word "NOT" in capitals as it is considered shouting in forum communications (or any other internet interactions be it email etc)?  We could have read the comment and understood the implied error without any rudeness.


It is only considered SHOUTING, as you say, when ALL of the text is in CAPITALS, not simply 1 or 2 words.

I was simply highlighting that there is a bug in the updated forum that, IMHO, needs to be fixed.

I was not being rude or anything like that. Ditto for this post and also ditto that I wasn't notified of your update.


If you put all the text in capitals I'd consider it to be screaming!! Please do as I ask and don't use capitals unless they are necessary within the usual rules of grammar and punctuation.

My staff work very hard to correct the variable accuracy of data we receive from the networks, as do our technical staff regarding the functionality of the forum and our various software services, so to have a capitalised word related to an error shoved in their face in an unnecessary unpleasantness.

If you are unsure as to when to use them the following article is an excellent reference:


Quote from: BazzaG on April 19, 2022, 07:42:29 PMThankyou.

BTW, I did *NOT* get a notification that this thread was updated despite "watching" this thread.


Daniel did a post or it may have only been a direct message about this. It's in user settings. nothing to do with watching the post any more, since the new forum was put in place.