Only 6 days timers shown on the Wiz

Started by csutak40, February 08, 2021, 11:23:52 PM

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I've been noticing that only 6 days of timers are shown on the Wiz
I presumed it was a change at IceTV, but i just happened to notice, 7 days are shown on IceTV Web, but not on the Wiz.  So, it seems something has changed on the Wiz?
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You've simply noticed something that's always been so. Timers are sent to the recorder no sooner than 5-6 days before they are due to run.

Depending on when you look, the last 1-2 days of your My Week page on the IceTV Web pages for your account will show recordings in the "queued" (not yet sent) state.

This is implemented on the IceTV server side. There's nothing that the Beyonwiz IceTV plugin can do to change it. My understanding is that it's similar across all PVRs supported by IceTV.

I can't find anywhere where this behaviour is documented in the IceTV online support pages.
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Behaviour is similar with Toppys, however the number of days is less.

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