ICE Net Loader Freezing on 6000

Started by blackpaw, May 22, 2007, 12:44:21 AM

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I've uploaded the ICE netLoader to my 6000 and rebooted - the "Your installation is incomplete" screen comes up as expected.

I enter my username and password and the screen freezes - cannot select "Save" or "Cancel", nor can I bring up any of the other toppy screens. The only thing I can do is shut it down.

Daniel Hall at IceTV

This can happen if you previously have had the TAP for the TF5000PVRt installed on the Topfield and setup (this is the TAP that automatically gets installed during a setup via USB). To fix this hold down the “0” (zero button) on the remote control while the Topfield is powering up to stop the auto loading of TAP’s, then once loaded you will need to connect either via USB or FTP and delete everything in the “/ICE” folder on the Topfield, once this is deleted you can put the Topfield to standby and then turn it back on and the process will start again, however this time when you put in your userid and password it will not lock up.



I did indeed install the USB loader first, sorry should have mentioned that. Will do as you say tonight.

Thank you for the prompt help !