New QuickGuide Release

Started by BJReplay, June 01, 2005, 05:34:13 PM

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Release Candiate 2 is now available from the releases section of the QuickGuide homepage at

This release truncates program descriptions to 507 characters where there is also a program episode title.  It appears that if there is no episode title, MCE can cope with descriptions up to 1023 chars.  However, if there is an episode title (aka sub-title), the MCE GUI (ehshell.dll) crashes when attempting to display guide information for programs if the description is more than 507 characters.

The only change between RC1 and RC2 is this change, and the only file that was changed is QuickGuide.exe, so that's all you need to replace in either an installer, or on your system.

Peter, Russell & other icetv people - feel free to grab this, include it in your files section.