Which "Square"?

Started by prl, June 28, 2020, 12:33:36 PM

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In What's on this weekend, The Square was listed as:
QuoteThe Square    Sunday    
Disaster strikes when a curator hires a public relations team to build some hype for his renowned Swedish museum.

I set a recording for that, but now the recording's IceTV entry is saying:
Movie: The Square
ABC HD, 10:50pm, Sun, 28 Jun 2020, 105 minutes
Ray Yale is a construction worker who is helping to build a resort hotel just outside Sydney. Ray isn't entirely happy in his marriage, and he becomes focused on Carla, a hairdresser who lives next door.

IMDb lists both The Square 2017 (Swedish museum) and The Square 2008 (Australian construction/hairdressing drama). The ABC EPG shows the Australian movie.

So, Swedish museum drama or Australian construction/hairdressing show?
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