Inability to limit series recording to one network

Started by IanL-S, March 10, 2020, 03:51:27 PM

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Recent changes to IceTV means that it is no longer possible to limit series recordings to a specified network. There are numerous programs that are transmitted on more than one network, Antiques Roadshow (ABC and Nine), Law and Order Special Victims (Ten and Nine), Cold Case (Nine and Seven), Extreme Railways Journeys (SBS and Seven). I can only select All LCNs or oneLCN when scheduling a recording.

This just does not work, as some programs are shown on multiple LCNs, for example Poirot, Miss Marple, Cold Case, can be on either 9Gem/9Gem HD or Nine/Nine HD.

The only good thing is the old timers retain their settings.

This makes things far more difficult for users! I am peeved. I am angry!


Addendum: As a result of this change I am getting numerous time conflicts because episodes I do not want to record are recording on a network that is showing episodes I have already seen. This is very annoying. I suspect there are others who have multiple PVRs and spread recording across them: in my case I record Nine and Seven on Topfield 2400 and ABC, SBS and 10 on my 7100+ are also have further issues. With my T2's it is ABC and SBS on one and Nine, Seven and 10 on the other.
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