Coming soon?

Started by JustJim, March 04, 2020, 02:50:09 PM

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Has the 'Coming soon' section of the 'TV guide' dropdown menu gone away in favour of 'New series'?

'Coming soon' was a very useful meno option to surface shows that were forthcoming but weren't yet within the reach of the EPG.

I'd vote for its return, if this were a democracy.


Daniel Hall at IceTV

Hi JustJim,

Yes, the page has been renamed to "New Series" as opposed to "Coming Soon", but this is purely a name change to better reflect the content of the page, the way the page works will not change.



Thank you, Daniel. Much appreciated.


I have given this the best part of two months (although it seems like way longer, due to global circumstances!), and it seems to me that the 'coming soon' methodology has definitely changed.

We hardly ever see movies there any more, only series, documentaries and kids shows.

Does anyone else get the same impression?