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Started by Caffinetron, May 06, 2014, 10:22:56 PM

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Hi All,
     I had an issue with my Humax 7500 on the weekend where it would not connect up wifi through the USB adaptor and would ask me to connect to internet for guide settings etc, blah,blah,blah. I tried both ports and the indicator on the usb was illuminated albiet blinking on and off although t was recieving information. After troubleshooting for a bit i decided to reset to factory without clearing the HDD. That fixed it and i was able to pick up wifi and connect to ICE TV guide.
Now the display on the front of the box is not working! Have looked all though the settings and setup but there is nowhere to set that to display. Correct me if i am wrong but wasn't that a setting on some firmware earlier? I have current firmware on the unit.
Any info would be much appreciated as i turn the unit on, change the channel to where i want (prior to a program starting without turning the tv on) and leave it to run until we finally sit down to watch. Then i timeshift back to the start of the program. Without this working i need to turn the tv on then turn it back off again. First world problems i know, but prior to resetting to factory it worked fine. If it is not one thing it is another with this box.


Try a hard power reset- ie - pull out the power cord - wait  10 seconds and plug it in again. I'm not ware of a menu option to turn off the unit's display

Dave at IceTV

I believe that the front display turns off in standby when the 'Power Saving In Standby' option is set to on (at least it used to when the power saving option worked - pre 1.08.21 software). 

There was also a bug that could cause the front display to switch off. In this case the blank display can be fixed by a 10 second 240v power off (as suggested by swamprat96).

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Yeah did the power cycle thing by unplugging it and that worked, so all good now.
Thanks for your replies.


I have recently purchased a refurbished 7500T to replace my earlier unit which gave up the ghost. All was well until a few days ago when the front panel light started playing up and the blue light is now permanently on unless I am recording when it goes to bright red. It is never dull red as it should be for standby, and judging by the temperature of the box it is as if fully powered up. Power saving is set to ON, and I have tried a hard reset without any noticeable change. Also the front power button itself is not functioning. Any suggestions would be appreciated.