Timer not set for The Good Karma Hospital S03E01

Started by BazzaG, October 06, 2019, 01:29:00 PM

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Not sure if this a issue with my U4 or IceTV ....

Was checking "My Week" on the IceTV website & my list of scheduled Timers on my U4 and noticed that there is currently no Timer set for:

The Good Karma Hospital S03E01 on the ABC @ 8:20pm Saturday 12th Oct.

It is correctly marked as a New Episode (actually it's a WORLD premier, as hasn't been broadcast on ITV in the UK & the ABC is broadcasting the new series before Acorn TV does so in the US & Canada [Nov 11]). Strange things do happen occasionally!!!!!

Anyway, I have other Timers for Saturday the 12th Oct already set on my U4, nor are there any conflict issues.

Viewing the show details displays:

This show is waiting to be set by device Beyonwiz U4. This show is part of a series recording.

My U4 is on, etc. and my other shows that I record all have Timers set/Waiting. The only anomaly that I can see is the above show.

While there might be a simply fix for this, such as, selecting resend under My Recorders, I would like to know why this hasn't been scheduled yet before I do so.



It should set the evening as the U4 set 7 days in advance.  The show at 7:40am this morning has set as the 7 day time period has passed.


Yes, the current scheduled timer for Saturday the 12th is for the morning.

I sort of thought that I might have been too early but I wasn't exactly sure that it wouldn't be scheduled until exactly 7 days in advance ... hence this post.

Still on my L plates with the U4 !!!!