Timer failure but no timer conflict

Started by italo5, July 22, 2019, 06:46:30 PM

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Humax DVR.
I have about 6 programs being recorded every week and sometimes two programs at the same time without any issues. I was curious in the show called "Dinner Date" on SBS to I set this up to record. No matter if it's the only show in the day being recorded, it will come up with an Error message and email notification of timer failure. I have been trying for a 2-3 weeks and it hasn't recorded once. Has anyone got any ideas why this may be so? Thanks


Hi Italo,

I replied via our support desk so we have a ticket to manage but for the benefit of any other Humax users this is the advice I would give:

""According to IceTV's records the Humax appears to be about 6.5 years old so it could be it needs a simple reset. Switch its power off at the switch at the rear of its box, wait about half a minute then switch it on again. PVRs are cheap computers and like computers they need a "reboot" periodically, but rarely get one. If that doesn't fix it it may need a proper reset as described below from our website Help - Customer Support section.

At 6+ years of age I'd advise the complete reset.""