Changing Guide Region

Started by Trial_Master, June 23, 2019, 05:43:40 PM

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Just wanting to confirm if the Ice TV guide region is changed, what happens with existing series recordings? Do I need to screenshot them and recreate?

Daniel Hall at IceTV

 Hi Trial_Master,

There is really only one thing that would stop old timers from being removed and then re-created using the new regions channel information (this is all automatic once you change region) and this is if you have specified a network that isn't in that region (i.e. selecting the "Ten Network", then going to a regional area that is serviced by the "Win Network").



Perfect I don't think I've specified any networks but will check current series recordings. One more thing while I have you. I've noticed the regions seem to duplicate the capital city stations with Prime, WIN etc... From your guide experience are they duplications or do you need to keep both? If so would it be best to have two bouquets to keep capital city and regional broadcasts separated?

Just your general thoughts, I realise there are no hard and fast rules.