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Started by Peter_H, June 19, 2019, 10:06:40 PM

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I wonder if it would be possible for IceTV to create another newsletter for subscribers that advised any series pilots coming up in the next week?
I can get a similar newsletter from Trakt, but that relates to US screening times rather than local Australian programming.
I think it would be good if such a newsletter contained all upcoming S01.E01 shows, even if they were repeats - that way we could know to start recording an old show from the start (assuming of course that the network played the episodes in order - I know they don't always)
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Hi Peter,

It's a nice idea but commercially impossible for the number of Plex users we support.  We have our bi-weekly newsletter promoting new and upcoming shows, and our apps and website have a "Coming Soon" section to alert users of shows that are not yet listed but they can still be set to record using IceTV's full service and maybe that could be of use to Plex users too. I'm sorry but we can't put the time into a special new newsletter.


Hi MD,
I don't know why it would have to be just for Plex users?
And it wouldn't be something that you would need to hand-write each week.
Just generate a list of the shows that have an S01E01 episode in your database for that week?
But if you don't think it would be valuable, then that's fine.  It was just an idea.

I just now tried, as an alternative, downloading your shows.xmltv file and looking at it directly in Notepad++. 
But obviously it's not the most user friendly way to look at that info!
I was surprised how many S01E01s there were in that file (69 - though many were duplicated)

Using Plex on QNAP NAS & NVidia Shield. In Sydney