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Started by barry.hendy, February 06, 2019, 08:26:14 PM

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Hi. I have a Humax that has had a long-standing recording set for ABC news at 7pm in HD. A few days ago it started recording "The Drum", but still showed it as a 7pm recording.

I deleted the series recording and have been trying to reinstate it, but it doesn't seem to want to create it, using the android app. It does record any other program. I have tried all different ways and settings with no luck.

Is it just me or has the ABC news schedule changed or got messed up?

GaiO IceTV

Hi Barry, Thanks for your note.  I am assuming you are recording the ABC news on the News Channel (the old News24).  At the beginning of February ABC have introduced a new longer version of The Drum -it is now one hour long and this often crosses the time of the previous News recording.  Can I suggest you change your recording to ABC 1 as the 7.00pm news is on at this time consistently.


Hi. No, I have been recording the 7pm news on ABC HD. It is coming up as a 7pm recording, showing under info as a 7pm show, but I am getting the drum, presumably from 6pm?

I am also getting messages about failing to schedule.

If I look at my schedule now, it is showing Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday! No Friday or Tuesday.

Anyway, I can direct which channel anyway, only the network... I tried only STD def but that didn't help either.

It looks like it is just me, but these problems are showing up on the app so I don't think it is my Humax causing this.



Daniel Hall at IceTV

Hi Barry,

This is actually an interesting one, we have had two other reports from customers that are in Melbourne and also have Humax HDR-7500T PVR's.

Looking into each of these cases (and yours is looking the same at this stage) and all of the timers sent down from IceTV are correct and confirmed by the Humax with the correct start time of 7pm, but then for some reason the recordings start at 6pm incorrectly.

The other shows reported were not all on ABC either, but its also not all recordings either, so while a show earlier in the night might record exactly 1 hour early there are later recordings on the day that record at the correct time.

We have checked through other PVR's in the area and haven't found this same behaviour on other PVR's, only three cases so far. All in Melbourne and all on Humax HDR-7500T's. This leads us to believe that there is an intermittent issue (possibly due to daylight savings) with the time signal coming out from one of the networks in the Melbourne area, well it is either intermittent or just one of the networks specifically that has an issue otherwise all recordings for these other customers would be recording incorrectly and they are not.

Can you check what time is currently showing on your PVR?

Is there specifically a channel that you watch in the afternoons before the recordings for the ABC News would happen?




The only program I have scheduled is the ABC news .... and the time on the Humax is correct.

It doesn't feel like it is JUST the Humax's fault though ... I am having trouble setting programs in the schedule, either on-line or in the app. if I try and schedule the news it doesn't show up properly in the schedule, and is a bit random. Like it only lists the occasional day, not every day. So if the Humax is the source, the it is feeding up to the online systems somehow.

Can you wipe my account or something and I try with a fresh start?


Hmm. I cleared all my recordings and now I can schedule anything. It goes through the motions but then says I have nothing scheduled..... seems like it is really messed up.


It is getting stranger... (sorry for the disjointed posting).

I tried scheduling from the website and it accepted the series record, but only list Saturday, Thursday and Friday. And nothing is showing in my app as being scheduled.

If I check on the Humax it only shows Saturday (today).


Hi Barry,

As this is a technical issue I've raised a Support Ticket and emailed you via it.


FIXED. IT support 101 ... I rebooted my Humax box and all is good.

It seems strange that a problem in the Humax PVR could make the App and website misbehave, but it seems my Humax had gone a pretty long time without a reboot - and a simple power cycle was all it needed to fix the problem.

Thanks to Colin at IceTV for his out-of-hours direct support and resolution.