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Started by herbie, January 27, 2019, 10:16:22 AM

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Hey all,
I've been a long time Win7 MC and icetv user and am pretty wedded to it. This week we moved to a new house and can't get much TV reception, so am really suffering in not being able to record our normal shows. However, we do have fast internet and so I had the idea of recording the shows through the various free to air streaming websites (7plus, 9Now, Tenplay, etc) instead of the TV tuner. Has anyone seen a way of doing this? I know I can just watch directly from those sites but the ads and fast forward/rewind functions are painful when it buffers every time.
Thanks in advance


I use iTube Studio, which does exactly what you're asking.


Hi Herbie,

I'll throw this out to all our Beyonwiz U series forum members as I think if you had a Beyonwiz U4 and a WizTV you could record catch-up TV and, heavenly, skip the excruciating recurring adverts on the commercial ones.  It's because WizTV uses HDMI - In on the U4 so enabling recording.  if you have poor internet you could even record netflix setting the series to record in the morning when the bandwidth is available and all the episodes should be there when you get home.


Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated! I'll have a look at iTube Studio and see if it'll do what I need, and I'll have a look at the Beyonwiz devices as well.