Google Home integration

Started by tlgerdes, December 30, 2018, 03:12:17 PM

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Has there been any thought from the ICETV crew about Google Home integration?

Daniel Hall at IceTV

It is definitely something interesting to think about, I don't know if there is too much we can do in the app right now (and PVR integration would have to come from the manufacturers).

Having said that we do have some thoughts on ways to have a better offering on Android that could fill the void and that would definitely have Google Assistant integration at the least.



Hi Daniel,

The PVR side of things is already there, as you already control that piece. It's building that backend integration via the Google api into your server so that Google can ask and control what is happening.

"Ok Google, check ICETV and tell me what's on at 830pm"

"Ok Google, please record xxxxx on channel 9 with ICETV"

The commands go from Google to my account on your server, them from your server to that app on my media centre, not to the app on my phone.