Just a few preliminary comments

Started by fossil, January 31, 2005, 09:12:16 PM

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 I have uploaded the files as per instructions and it say they are uploaded and cached, but there are no programs show up on any channel here on the Sunshine Coast...so that's me out!

The other disconcerting fact that many folks wont realise because they cannot see disk activity is that the Disk seems to be working much harder...and the disk activity light is on almost non stop while ice is working in the background...and that is not the case normally..
When the Toppy has the Program folder up for example...the disk light is constant...then the next step down being marginally less active would be when the Ice program is activated, and when no OSD's are running and Ice is off, all is normal.. Certainly something to consider,
I will have another go tomorrow...but I have not seen 1 EPG yet and the high disk activity concerns me


The reason you won't see any guide entries is that the channels your are receiving on the Sunshine Coast do not correspond with those in the .ini file.

I'm not sure which channels you would be receiving, but there are a lot listed here:


As for disk activity, the loader reads a couple of records per second, so to load a whole week's guide takes 15-20 minutes.  It should back off after that.  And even though there are a lot of accesses to the drive, it is only reading a small amount of data each time, to leave the Toppy plenty of time to do its stuff.