Elementary - timer misbehaving

Started by vader1111, August 15, 2018, 11:32:19 AM

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Win HD (ACT - Canberra)
11:45pm, Sunday 19th August

I have Elementary set to record as a Series Recording, but I am seeing some very unusual behaviour with next week's episode.

  • According to the IceTV android app on my phone & tablet, the timer is marked as a Queued Series Recording - i.e. an unsent timer.
  • According to the IceTV website, accessed via Chrome & Firefox, the timer is marked as a Series Recording - i.e. a sent timer.
  • According to my T2, there is no such timer.
All other timers in the My Week recording schedule appear to be behaving correctly.

Any idea why I might be seeing this behaviour?  I can fix it relatively easily, by setting the timer manually on the T2, but I'd rather see a fix coming directly from IceTV.

Daniel Hall at IceTV

Hi vader1111,

There is definitely something very weird happening here, when it was originally sent to the Beyonwiz to create the timer the Beyonwiz just marked it as completed (instead of acknowledging that it was scheduled).

I have manually set it back to be re-sent now, so lets see if it does the same thing.

Also do you have debug logging enabled on your Beyonwiz?



Not sure that this helps or is even relevant, but the timer is there on my T2 for next Sunday night. Same for my U4.

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Thanks Daniel!!

It's on my T2 now, presumably because of the manual re-send command.

I don't have logging enabled.