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Started by bowser, February 21, 2018, 02:42:47 PM

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Are there any rules for submitting images for shows? A lot of shows are missing one or have old ones. Do the images have to be ripped from a recording or can they be sourced from official promotional material or wikipedia galleries etc?


Here are some new images for shows with outdated or missing images. Some might need cropping. I used the Most Popular lists to pick 'important' shows.

Married At First Sight [9Now]:
My Kitchen Rules [Freeview]:
I'm A Celebrity [Tenplay]:
The Blacklist [NBC]:
The Good Doctor [ABC USA via Wikipedia]:
Grey's Anatomy [Wikipedia]:
NCIS [Tenplay]:
Doctor Who (most recent) [Wikipedia]:
Doctor Who (later in 2018) [BBC]:
The Checkout [ABC]:
Home and Away [Freeview]:
ABC News [ABC]:
SEAL Team [Tenplay]: Shows/SEAL Team/SealTeam_Logo_620x349.jpg
Law and Order SVU [Freeview]:
Madam Secretary [Tenplay]:
The Project [Tenplay]:
Bold and the Beautiful [Wikipedia]:
Neighbours [Tenplay]:


There may be copyright issues with IceTV using images from sources they don't have licence agreements with.

Given IceTV's history, you can be very sure that strict adherence to the Copyright Act is very important to them.
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Most certainly with emphasis!!


A lot of these images (not all) are declared as public metadata for external site parsing (Facebook, Google) with the og:image meta tag. That's done by the ABC, SBS, 9Now and Tenplay.