2tune poor reception

Started by kbosward, January 12, 2018, 09:42:41 PM

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Just purchased a Humax 2tune (HDR-3000T). We live in a fringe reception area, in Albion Park, NSW, under the escarpment so we have to point our antenna to Broker's Nose Wollongong which is 27km away. My previous Humax (7500T, but now giving problems) worked well with almost no breakup of HD channels, and our TV tuner works even better - no breakup at all on HD. But the 2tune doesn't cope, with frequent pauses in the video and audio. It makes watching the tennis on 7mate a joke ... the ball is hit at one end and suddenly appears at the other end!

Anyone else seeing reception problems on the 2tune in fringe areas? I have an amplifier on the antenna, and I feed the antenna cable into the 2tune and then out to the TV, so the TV is getting the same signal. Signal strength status shows 84% strength and 100% quality.


Doctor Whatuwant

Hello Ken.

I don't have a 3000T but thought you should get a reply, I don't think many people use this forum any more. I have a 7500T in a fringe area and for sure the Humax reception is not as solid as my cheap Bauhn TV.

So without any personal experience of the 3000T I would not be totally surprised if it is operating normally.



An update: I received a replacement 2tune but unfortunately it exhibited the same problem with pauses and jumps in the picture. Interestingly, I grabbed a professional signal strength meter and measured the signal at the end of the cable that plugs into the 2tune. It was 61dBuV, MER 37dB and VBER 1E-9, which are all within recommended values. So I don't really know what the issue was. Anyway, I sent the second 2tune back and decided to try a Beyonwiz U4. It is working perfectly, a great picture with no glitches, even better than the TV!

Thanks to Colin from IceTV who looked after me and ensured I got a satisfactory result.