Three is better than none

Started by csutak40, December 21, 2017, 12:40:50 AM

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Something weird has happened. Adam Hill recorded twice.  Then i went to check on the Timers listings and it is shown three times there, but only two of them recorded.
I have not set any recording manually, I only have recordings that come from IceTV.
So, this is weird twice over.  Why did it set itself to record three times and if it did, why did it only record twice?   ???
I suppose it is better than not recording at all  :D

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The ABC's online TV Guide for Melbourne has -
Adam Hills: The Last Leg
Wednesday, 20 Dec
Series 12 | Episode 12 | Jon Hamm & Rag'n'bone Man
10:30 PM - 11:10 PM [40 mins]

as does Our Guide (Melbourne) listing -
Adam Hills: The Last Leg
Wednesday 20th December at 10:30 pm (40 minutes)

Your timers show a program start time and a duration change.  I'm guessing you've timer padding of 9/30 mins pre/post.
If the above guides are accurate, then it would appear you first received two different timers from IceTV both for a 22:20 start and 45 min duration. These timers weren't deleted when the subsequent timer for the 22:30 start, 40 min duration program event arrived.
Perhaps IceTV never sent the 'action/forget' messages for the original scheduling (or the T4 didn't/couldn't action it)

I'm guessing the T-series doesn't start a second recording if the key timer attributes are the same (start, duration, service, location?).